About Kush Mahan

Kush Mahan is a member of the Bates College graduating class in 2010.  While at Bates, he studied psychology and participated in a number of internship opportunities within the field.  In 2009, Kush Mahan worked in the University of Chicago’s Alzheimer’s Research Laboratory, and conducted his own studies on mindful meditation training at Genesis Psychiatric Residential Home in Lewiston, Maine.

Kush Mahan was a strong force on the Bates Squash team while at Bates College, a pursuit he has excelled in from a young age.  As a child he played squash for the Zimbabwean Junior National Team and has earned the title of highest-ranked player in the country in numerous age groups.   After moving to the United States and entering Bates, Kush Mahan continued to distinguish himself on the court. A four-year member of the school’s squash team, he earned the Most Valuable Player award for the 2009-2010 season.   He was simultaneously named the Bates College Male Athlete of the Year. He garnered recognition from the College Squash Association, which featured his win over the number-one ranked competitor from Trinity College as the sport’s biggest story of the year.  Kush Mahan was also recognized as the Player of the Year by the New England Small College Athletic Conference, which awarded him All-Academic Honors. Today, as a member of the Kenyan National Training Program, he hopes to compete in the Commonwealth Games and the World Team Championships.


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