The British Open Squash Championships

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The British Open Squash Championships is the oldest, most established, and one of the most respected tournaments in the game of squash. Along with the PSA World Tour it is considered the highest, most prestigious tournament in the sport. This year, the week-long tournament will begin on May 11, but there’s already news of a certain favorite not making it. As rather upsetting news, sources found the 2013 tournament champion (and three-time additional world champion), Ramy Ashour, 28, of Egypt was ruled out from the 2015 cup. An aggravated achilles heel injury was listed as the official reason for sitting out of this year’s pinnacle event.

Kush Mahan

Photographed above: Ramy Ashour

It would be wrong to say this event shocked anxious fans everywhere, as Ashour had suffered a meniscus injury, and had been dealing with some pain for an extended period of time, hoping to be ready to play by the British Open. Coming off of many wins, it seemed Ashour might have had a chance to present his prowess at Allam’s open. He participated in the PSA tour after a four month absence, and although his knee injury seemed not to bother him sufficiently, he may have caused additional pressure to strain his foot. Ashour’s absence means some rearrangement of the seeding chart. Ashour’s fellow countryman and veteran, Amr Shabana—the runner-up in the 2004 British Open—will be taking his place as the number four seed in the first match against England’s Chris Simpson. England’s Nick Matthew (the 2006, 2009, 2010 champion) will be seeded third, behind Mohamed Elshorbagy of Egypt and 2014 winner and 2013 runner-up Grégory Gaultier of France.

However, current arrangements may change once more as Nick Matthew debates whether he can participate at the open with a recovering knee injury. The aging superstar hurt his knee coming off the El Gouna international in Egypt last month. Before the injury, he showed only signs of continuing success with four significant victories bringing him up to second in the world rankings. Matthew has been training alongside veteran Ellery Hanley in order to prepare himself for the upcoming games.

via Kush Mahan’s Squash Page


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