Sportsmanship in the Canary Wharf Squash Classic

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In recent squash news, several Egyptian players have been recognized for their talent of the game. Mezan Hesham, one of the most notable players from Egypt appeared in the Canary Wharf Squash Classic this past week against Hong Kong’s Max Lee in an extremely close match. In the end, Lee took home the win, but it was the efforts of both players that made this match so enticing.

According to an article published by The Sports Review and written by Joel Durston, great things were said about both Hesham and Lee. Lee was recognized for having only 10 errors throughout the match, a huge difference between the average amount at this particular level. Durston noted that:

“Lee showcased his great all-round game and fantastic athleticism and his experience just shone through in the end as he won the fifth 11-9. The Hong Kong player was effusive in his praise for his opponent, and unduly modest about his fine performance,” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).

Hesham, on the other hand, was also recognized for his expertise in the game of squash, particularly when his forehand was recognized. According to Durston, “His forehand was very effective, earning 22 of those winners. His party piece, which he had reasonable success with, was shaping to hit drie and then at the last minute stopping his wrist for the disguised drop shot,” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).


But, what stood out most about these players was not only their athleticism and gift for the sport, but their likability amongst the crowd. From exceptional concentration to unbelievable sportsmanship, both Lee and Hesham showed what professional athletes sometimes forget – their love for the game and the people who play it. Lee was even quoted talking about how great of a player Hesham proved to be, “‘He’s so accurate, he hit so many winners and he’s so quick. I credit him and I just won the game with a bit of luck today,’” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).

To read more about the Canary Wharf Squash Classic and other talented squash players that were a part of the tournament, please read Joel Durston’s article here.

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