About Mohamed Elshorbagy

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Mohamed Elshorbagy currently ranks #1 squash player in the world. Elshorbagy, originally from Alexandria, Egypt, joined the PSA in 2006 at only 15-years old. Only one year later, he became the first player to ever secure a maiden PSA World Tour title at a five star event. Since the beginning of his squash career, Elshorbagy has broken world records and continues to lead one of the most impressive athletic records in history.

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In 2008 and 2009, Elshorbagy became the second man after Ramy Ashour to place first in the World Junior Squash Championships twice in a row. In 2013, he won the Qatar Classic World Series and continued his stellar record in the 2014 campaign, where he won five events. Of these events, Elshorbagy won the World Series tournaments at the US Open and Hong Kong.

2014 marked an incredibly significant year for Elshorbagy. After beating Gregory Gaultier in the US Open’s semi-final, Elshorbagy was officially ranked #1 in the world for Squash and became the fourth youngest player to do so. In the PSA World Series Finals, he beat Ramy Ashour for the first time in the round robin stage, winning 11-5 twice in a row. Elshorbagy also beat James Willstrop 11-9 and 11-7, which qualified him for the semifinals. He won against Nick Mathew in five separate games to reach the PSA World Series final, but ended up losing to Ashour overall.

In 2014, Elshorbagy made it to the semifinals of the Metro Squash Windy City Open. He unfortunately lost to Gaultier in four games, but continued his good form and made the final of El Gouna International’s final, beating GAultier in four games.

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Elshorbagy also has a talented younger brother, Marwan, who ranks in the world’s top 25 for squash. Marwan made it to the Kuwait PSA Cup World Series Platinum event semi-finals.

Elshorbagy deserves to be recognized for his admirable athleticism and natural talent for the game of squash. At just 24 years old, he has made history more than once and will continue to be the player to watch for the next few years. For more information about Mohamed Elshorbagy, check out his page on PSA World Tour’s website here.

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Things to do in NYC This Summer

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This summer, don’t let the city heat and crowded weekend subways keep you from spending an adequate amount of time enjoying the outdoors in NYC. There are plenty of fun activities you can be part of and beautiful sites to discover in the hot upcoming months. Here’s a list of some summer events that Business Insider suggests you check out while you’re in the big apple:

1. Take a trip to Picnic Point on Governors Island (where you can catch a free ferry ride) to enjoy the eye-pleasing site of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor under a clear blue sky.

kush mahan smorgasburg

Dumbo’s Smorgasburg, located between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges

2. Check out Brooklyn Flea’s Smorgasburg, a food festival that happens on Saturday afternoons between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO.

3. Head to Chelsea Piers and play golf on a 200-yard fairway overlooking the Hudson River.

4. Take a long stroll from the High Line park in the Meatpacking District up to 34th Street – it’s the perfect summer walk filled with vendors to try and benches to relax on.

5. Have a picnic at one of New York’s many green parks, if you’ve never been to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, try it out (you can even stop at a local farmer’s market right in front of the park every Saturday).

6. On Saturday mornings, seven miles of road between Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge along Park Avenue are closed in August for you to enjoy free bike rentals, zip lines, and rock-climbing.

kush mahan coney island

Coney Island

7. And lastly, head to Coney Island, New York’s favorite theme park that holds the famous Cyclone roller coaster. But, if you’re not a fan of rides, there’s also beaches to enjoy and Nathan’s hot dogs to munch on.

New York City is filled with tons of places to explore and wonderful summer attractions that you don’t want to miss out on. For more ideas, check out Business Insider’s list of 34 Things Every New Yorker Should Do This Summer, and don’t let the heat stop you from enjoying those sunny days.

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The British Open Squash Championships

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The British Open Squash Championships is the oldest, most established, and one of the most respected tournaments in the game of squash. Along with the PSA World Tour it is considered the highest, most prestigious tournament in the sport. This year, the week-long tournament will begin on May 11, but there’s already news of a certain favorite not making it. As rather upsetting news, sources found the 2013 tournament champion (and three-time additional world champion), Ramy Ashour, 28, of Egypt was ruled out from the 2015 cup. An aggravated achilles heel injury was listed as the official reason for sitting out of this year’s pinnacle event.

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Photographed above: Ramy Ashour

It would be wrong to say this event shocked anxious fans everywhere, as Ashour had suffered a meniscus injury, and had been dealing with some pain for an extended period of time, hoping to be ready to play by the British Open. Coming off of many wins, it seemed Ashour might have had a chance to present his prowess at Allam’s open. He participated in the PSA tour after a four month absence, and although his knee injury seemed not to bother him sufficiently, he may have caused additional pressure to strain his foot. Ashour’s absence means some rearrangement of the seeding chart. Ashour’s fellow countryman and veteran, Amr Shabana—the runner-up in the 2004 British Open—will be taking his place as the number four seed in the first match against England’s Chris Simpson. England’s Nick Matthew (the 2006, 2009, 2010 champion) will be seeded third, behind Mohamed Elshorbagy of Egypt and 2014 winner and 2013 runner-up Grégory Gaultier of France.

However, current arrangements may change once more as Nick Matthew debates whether he can participate at the open with a recovering knee injury. The aging superstar hurt his knee coming off the El Gouna international in Egypt last month. Before the injury, he showed only signs of continuing success with four significant victories bringing him up to second in the world rankings. Matthew has been training alongside veteran Ellery Hanley in order to prepare himself for the upcoming games.

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One World Observatory

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Get ready for one of the most breathtaking views you’ll see in a while.  Yes, the One World Observatory at the World Trade Center is said to open on May 29th – and as of now it is the largest building in the United States.  So if you’re planning on taking a trip there, just make sure you don’t have vertigo. At the Observatory you can experience incredible panoramic views of NYC from the 100th, 101st, and 102nd floors – 1250 feet above ground level!kush mahan worldtrade

On the western side of the World Trade Center, you can find futuristic Sky Pod elevators that will take you to these upper-level floors.  On the 102nd floor, viewers will watch a video presentation all about New York City and all of its wonders, equipped with breath taking pictures of the city from its start.

The 100th floor is home to City Pulse, where you can watch HD videos about various notable NYC neighborhoods and landmarks.  Plus, if you really don’t mind heights, there is a Sky Portal, which includes a 14-foot diameter circular disc that gives high-definition footage of what’s going on on the streets way below you.  The Observatory is said to be an innovation in the technological world that has, quite literally, reached new heights.

Furthermore, according to Time Out New York, “This new landmark isn’t just a pretty view- the new observatory includes interactive exhibits, a sit-down restaurant and other dining options for those interested in being above it all,” (Time Out New York, New York City from One World Trade).

Tickets cost $32 for adults, $26 for children, and $30 for senior citizens.  Children until the age of are free.  Get your cameras ready, because this view is sure to be out of this world.


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New York City Spring Events

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With cenkush mahan central-park-in-spring-plain-and-simpletral park in full bloom and a warm breeze on the city streets, who doesn’t love New York in the spring? Plus, with the return of the sunshine comes plenty of events to take part in. From free art fairs to comedy shows to concerts, there’s so much to do in New York, it almost doesn’t seem feasible. So that you aren’t completely overwhelmed, here is a shorter list of some of the spring events that you may find interesting in the great city of New York:

Tribeca Film Festival: From April 16th – 27th enjoy watching some creative, eye-gripping films at Bow Tie Cinemas in Chelsea. But, Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival has so much more than just films. There is an ESPN Sports Film Festival, a Family Festival Street Fair and various Tribeca Talks, that provide kush mahanMarvel Studios Presents Marvels The AVENGERS Closing Night of The Tribeca Film Festivalfree panels for aspiring filmmakers. So grab a date, or film guru and hit the theatre in late April!

Ferry Bar Crawl: With warm weather finally on its way in NYC it’s time to get outside and on the river. So hop on the East River ferry and make your way to the Hudson on an afternoon filled with laughter, dancing, and drinks on a ferry bar crawl. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends if you’re celebrating a graduation, job promotion, or even a birthday.

Grilling on the Brooklyn Waterfront: What better way to save money on a fancy dinner downtown than to grab some hotdogs and hamburgers from your local market and make your way to Brooklyn Bridge Park, where you can grill right on the waterfront for free. Plus, if you go on a Sunday you’ll have the luxury of being amidst Schmorgesborg, the king of brooklyn flea markets.

Orchid Show: For just a small fee, spend a day in the NY Botanical Garden and enjoy the beauty of nature at the Orchid Show until April 21st. This aerial display of orchids is unlike any other and the event includes dance performances, poetry, and orchid care demonstrations. On certain nights, you can even participate in Orchid Evenings, and walk around the orchid escape with a date at sunset.

kush maha orchidshow

Keep in mind, this is just a short list of all the things you can do in NYC in the springtime. So if none of these spark your interest, check out Thrillist’s article on things to do in NYC in the spring.

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Sportsmanship in the Canary Wharf Squash Classic

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kush mahan canary wharf classic

In recent squash news, several Egyptian players have been recognized for their talent of the game. Mezan Hesham, one of the most notable players from Egypt appeared in the Canary Wharf Squash Classic this past week against Hong Kong’s Max Lee in an extremely close match. In the end, Lee took home the win, but it was the efforts of both players that made this match so enticing.

According to an article published by The Sports Review and written by Joel Durston, great things were said about both Hesham and Lee. Lee was recognized for having only 10 errors throughout the match, a huge difference between the average amount at this particular level. Durston noted that:

“Lee showcased his great all-round game and fantastic athleticism and his experience just shone through in the end as he won the fifth 11-9. The Hong Kong player was effusive in his praise for his opponent, and unduly modest about his fine performance,” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).

Hesham, on the other hand, was also recognized for his expertise in the game of squash, particularly when his forehand was recognized. According to Durston, “His forehand was very effective, earning 22 of those winners. His party piece, which he had reasonable success with, was shaping to hit drie and then at the last minute stopping his wrist for the disguised drop shot,” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).


But, what stood out most about these players was not only their athleticism and gift for the sport, but their likability amongst the crowd. From exceptional concentration to unbelievable sportsmanship, both Lee and Hesham showed what professional athletes sometimes forget – their love for the game and the people who play it. Lee was even quoted talking about how great of a player Hesham proved to be, “‘He’s so accurate, he hit so many winners and he’s so quick. I credit him and I just won the game with a bit of luck today,’” (Durston, Lee and Hesham Produce Tie of First Round).

To read more about the Canary Wharf Squash Classic and other talented squash players that were a part of the tournament, please read Joel Durston’s article here.

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The Six Best NYC Bars You Don’t Know About Yet

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Whether they’re hiding behind a shy and unmarked entrance, or they’re new enough to make you look old, these places ought to pique some interest for their novel designs and unique offerings. In no particular order, please welcome your new nightlife neighbors:

Kush Mahan Pier A

Pier A Harbor House

Pier A Harbor House (Opened November 2014)

Enter the Lobster King. Not for the agoraphobes, this huge 28,000 square foot nautically designed space redefines the lobster shack. In fact, this palatial hall completely overthrows it. Only a stone’s throw from Battery Park, Pier A offers many distinctly characteristic rooms—in the atrium or waterfront— that support the feasting and guzzling needs of any party—large or small. In short, occupy any number of over a hundred boathouse bar stools or feel the freedom of the fresh outdoors while looking out onto the Statue of Liberty.

The Folly (Opened November 2014)

Bringing you a second player from the gales of nautical November, The Folly evokes the feeling of being on a ship at sea more than it does a boat safely tucked in a port. And yet, there is no sacrifice of coziness; sleek woods and dim lighting create a warm atmosphere, which is good for those who forget they’re not actually adrift over cold, open waters and could use the reality check. The comfortable tavern vibe will support those who left their sea legs back by the first cocktail.

Kush Mahan Bar Cyrk

Bar Cyrk

Bar Cyrk (Opened September 2014)

Down in TriBeCa, it can be hard to find a respite away from the bustle that leaks north from the Financial District. Fortunately, for this, Bar Cyrk mimics the feel of the more theatrical aspects of New York City, announcing your arrival with bright marquee lighting, intricate chandeliers and gilded glamour. The outside is a subdued brick façade, untelling of the elegant interior that awaits within. An upscale venue that still maintains a calming presence, Bar Cyrk is great for the after work conversation or a date night with a special someone.

The Happiest Hour (Opened September 2014)

Behind a quietly marked glass wall you may just experience your happiest hour. For those who yearn to go back to the 50s, or those who missed the decade and fancy a taste, this venue invokes the spirit of retro Florida. With a green and peach cream color scheme, and a beach-and-island ambiance (recognizable by the tiki tchotchkes) this place relaxes even the most tense of thirsty customers. Upstairs offers the first bar and table seating, downstairs lies the lounge space.

Kush Mahan up & up

The Up & Up

The Up & Up (Opened February 2015)

In Greenwich Village there is a bar, and the bar’s name is Up & Up. With cocktails and an attitude inspired by great literature, it won’t fail to impress the most erudite of scholars. For the college crowd, or anyone scouring between the lines of Trendy and Hipster, stop by for a visit. But be not deceived, Up & Up’s menu proves itself respectable with a series of cocktails licensed for use from other reputable establishments around the city. The space itself is a mélange of industrial chic and new age color, looking a lot like the large garage of a budding artist.
Belle Rêve (Opened February 2015)

This place lives up to its French name meaning “beautiful dream” in a couple of ways. Serving as a safe haven welcoming anyone who needs it, Belle Rêve casts a warm glow over the small space that’s easy on the eyes; cozy, not cramped. A prohibitionist theme permeates throughout this ground-level speakeasy-restaurant hybrid and hints can be picked up in the old-fashioned fireplace, the stained glass windows, and the hammered-copper ceilings.

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